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Acrylic Nails

A top-notch invention in nail care and the nail grooming business. Acrylic nails are artificial nails designed to protect your own nails while making them stronger and beautiful. With nicely shaped nails & polish your choice, you can be confident about your hands.

Full set with regular polish $32.00 
Full set with regular white tips $45.00 
Fill $20.00 

Pink & White

Include pink and white powder. Perfect for clients who want beautiful nails without the time. Strong, durable, and non-yellowing. They look and feel completely natural and lash until the next fill-in without lifting, giving your nails a natural pink & white ambiance. “No Polish Involved.”

Full set $55.00 
Fill $23.00 
Back Fill $40.00 

Solar Pink & White (New Services)  

Don’t damage your nails during regular tanning sessions, and non yellowing, stronger and longer lasting nail. Not only do beautiful nails look neat, they are also a real asset. After finish all nails will be buff cream shiny and they do not need top coat.

Full set $60.00 
Fill $25.00 
Back Fill $45.00 

Gel Nails

The revolutionary nail care with quick UV curing odorless gel nails. Softer than acrylic, gel nails will not turn yellow. Best yet, they work with your natural nails, bending rather than breaking. Your beautifully finished nails will be sealed with a high glossy look.

Full set with regular polish $45.00 
Fill $28.00 
Full set Pink & White $60.00 
Back fill $45.00 


Doing manicure after finishing acrylic or gel nails added more $10.00 
Regular polish on acrylic nails $12.00 
Gel polish on acrylic nails $22.00 
Acrylic nails removal $10.00